My Mumma is my absolute inspiration.

She’s the most incredible, kind, hardworking, gorgeous woman you will ever meet.

I wanted to share with you what I got her this Mother’s Day, as finding something to show that woman you look up to so much just how much you love and appreciate her is really difficult.

This year, I got something to represent our family. My Mumma is an amazing woman, who values our togetherness – and always puts the family above herself. While I would love to get her a massive portrait of her just to celebrate how amazing and gorgeous she is, I know she wouldn’t like that.

I settled on this gorgeous, understated wire letter. Why I chose the letter Y instead of the first letter of her name? For our family. I know she would rather have something on display that is for all of us (even though this is definitely for her – I can only imagine my dad’s confused face if I ever gave him something like this!)

So Mumma – this is making its way to you. I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day and I can’t wait to see you soon.

Wire letter – from HEMA (£6)



I want to do everything. And when I can’t, it upsets me, even though I know that it’s physically impossible to do everything all the time!

I’m sometimes asked how I manage to fit it all in: a full time job, blogging, fitness / marathon training, Instagramming (believe me it takes a lot more effort than you first think!), getting enough sleep and about a million other little things that I do. The reality is that when I’m acing one area of my life, it’s likely another is taking the hit. Recently, work, sleep and training have taken priority and I’ve not been as inspired with my blogging, so I know I’m neglecting it!


No Questions Stripe Midi Skirt from Tobi | Top from H&M | ankle boots from Debenhams

It’s also frustrating that when I do put the effort in and subsequently get invited to events, I more often than not have to say no as they take place during the working week and I can’t take any time off (especially at such short notice)!

Another example is that recently I’ve been going to social events (shock horror, I know) – the more I agree to go to, the more I see my friends and my social life flourishes (rarely, very rarely) which is great – we’re all social beings and even stay-at-home people like me like being around people sometimes, but this means that my sleep and sense of routine suffer – and that doesn’t bode well for me!

As the nights get lighter I look forward to going out for dinner / drinks along the river, which will no doubt mess up my schedule again! It’s a balancing act for sure!


I’ve managed to strike a good balance that suits me for now, at the moment my priority is my work, and I build in my training schedule around this. I’ve also been great at prioritising my sleep (getting about 8 hours a night), and we schedule taking blog / Instagram photos on weekends (when I actually get to see daylight!)

The clothes in this post are by Tobi – an online shop I’d not heard of before, but the clothes are beauuuutiful! I’ll definitely be back!!

Outfit links:



One of the questions I’m asked most as a runner is which trainers I run in. The answer: adidas UltraBoost X. They’re the bounciest, lightest running shoes I’ve ever owned, they’re beautiful and I’m in love.

(I’m also slightly devastated at the sight of them now thanks to trail running with dad over Christmas – see below)

I’ve tried my fair share of shoes – from Asics and Saucony to Hoka One One and Brooks but they’ve all been clunky! I got my feet tested and apparently I need stability shoes, however, after reading Born to Run I’ve decided to train my feet to accept whichever shoes I pick (as long as they’re comfortable and not causing me pain / injury!)

These shoes are incredibly bouncy thanks to the clever Boost technology and the hammock-like suspension of your arch. It took a while to get used to, but it almost feels like you’re on little trampolines! The cushioning makes you feel a lot lighter, and almost propels you so you’re landing on the correct part of your foot (the ball, rather than the heel).

I am also loving the snug sock-like material and fit – no more toes hitting the end of your shoe (which my toenails are loving). The snug fit is quite narrow and they do come up small — I would recommend going up a half size (I’m take a 6 but wear the 6.5).

At £100+ they’re not cheap (although I did get my pair for £60 on sale – result!) but I completely recommend them. Besides, most good running shoes are about £100 anyway and if you’re not fussed about getting last season’s / the colour of the shoe then you can get them cheaper as I did!



Towards the end of last year I made a promise with myself – to get fit again. Why? Because since starting my job I’ve found it hard to stay motivated to go to the gym in the morning / evening when I’m shattered, which has led me to feel generally more stressed out, lethargic and self-conscious again.

The last time I felt really fit and healthy was when I was doing my masters degree – I had all day (apart from the 10 or so hours when I was at uni) to create delicious healthy meals and workout, I had my beloved pooch who required walking and that all made it so easy.

Last year, sure I was still exercising, but this was maybe 2-3 times a week at a medium intensity. I wasn’t happy with where I was – I wanted to get fitter – and I have three versions of beginning progress pictures from throughout the year to prove it! But motivation always seemed to wane after a week or so.

Why do I want to get fitter? Firstly, for my general health and wellbeing – not only is it good for my body physically, but I’ve found that exercise is also really beneficial for me psychologically! Secondly, for my self-confidence – but I’m not doing this for anyone else.. I couldn’t care less what people think of the way I look, but I care. And that’s OK! We’re allowed to care about how we look and getting fit for aesthetic reasons is totally normal!


I’m still working full time.. so what’s the difference? I’ve given myself a programme. I’m currently exercising 5-6 times a week (and while that may not work for everyone, or even for me for long, I’m keeping it up while my motivation is still high enough!), doing a combination of cardio (cycling / running / spin classes) and HIIT workouts (Kayla BBG workouts, boxing workouts / any classes that appeal to me). If you want to keep up to date with what workouts I’m doing – I always log them in my workout calendar: here!

I’m still eating pretty much the same as before – that was never really a weak point for me. I tend to make my meals for lunch for the week at home and bring them in – this varies from roast veggies to fajitas to curry. We’ll usually have a homemade meal in the evening too – at the moment, this is usually pasta! I’m not cutting anything out – takeaways, chocolate and alcohol still feature fairly regularly, although this is probably much less than before (we tend to constrain these to weekends now).

Something that we think has definitely helped is having fitness trackers – we’ve both got a Fitbit Charge 2. It tracks pretty much everything – steps, sleep, heart rate, exercise, calories etc. You can set goals on there (e.g. exercise 4 days a week / sleep 8hrs a night / do 10,000 steps a day) so that’s definitely helped us continue to push ourselves.

I think my motivation has continued to stay high because I’m already seeing results: if I compare how I felt in December to now, the difference I feel both physically and psychologically is amazing. I feel leaner, happier, less stressed, more in-tune with my body and more energetic. I don’t know how much longer my motivation will stay this high for – but I’m going to keep going while it is!




When I heard that Alice Liveing (aka Clean Eating Alice – the original fitness blogger) was launching her own fitness line, I was excited to see what it looked it. When I heard it was in partnership with Primark (I’m Welsh so it’s pronounced pree-mark just FYI), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

We’ve all seen it before, SO many influencers (yeah I hate that word, too) launch their own line of skincare / clothes / makeup / homeware (select which applies) and then charge £££ for it so I have MASSIVE respect for Alice for teaming up with an affordable brand like Primark.


Onto the kit – the sports bra? £5. The leggings? £8. Yep – £13 for the whole outfit. I was giddy with excitement. The quality of the clothes? Amazing.

The sports bra came with a little padded bit for your boobies to help cover up nips (I personally don’t like these so quickly discarded). In terms of sizing, the range is true to size (I’m a 10 so wear a size 10), although I would say that the sports bra isn’t the most forgiving so if you’re um-ing and ah-ing I would go a size up.


The leggings are amazing. The only thing I would add if I could is a pocket (for keys / cards etc) but other than that they’re brilliant. High waisted, long length and a super comfortable waistband. The pattern on both items is also just beaut.

Would I recommend? Yes.

Any final statements? BRB just off to buy the rest of the collection.